CSCI-351 // Data Communication and Networks
Fall 2018
Course details
Prof. Taejoong Chung
Office: GOL-3525
Gollisano Hall (GOL)-1455
Tuesday, Thursdays
Office hours
2:00pm–3:30pm Tuesday (instructor, GOL-3525)
Discussion Forum
On Mycourses
Computer Networks: A Systems Approach
5th Edition
Peterson and Davie
Course description
This course is an in-depth study of data communications and networks. The course covers design of, and algorithms and protocols used in, the physical, data link, network, transport, and application layers in the Internet; methods for modeling and analyzing networks and an introduction to network security. Programming projects will be required.
attendance and participation
This is a junior-level course; I will not mandate you to come to class (you are still responsible for all the material covered in class). The class projects are a major part of this course, and please be aware that you will be working in groups of two.

We will be using Mycourses as a course discussion/bulletin board. You are expected to check it at least once every few days, use it as the first place to ask questions, and answer others' questions. The professor will regularly monitor the board, and your participation will count towards your grade.
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